Bijlsma Group was founded in 1941 by Mr. Douwe Bijlsma, over the years his son Mr. Jaap Bijlsma (1924-2006) and later grandson Mr. Frits Bijlsma (1954) took over the family business. In 2018 Mr. Roderick Jacob Bijlsma (1982) took over the company from his father Mr. Frits Bijlsma, who is still active within the organization as Supervisory Board Member.

During the last decade Mr. Roderick Bijlsma has independently established an organisation specialized in moisture protection technology and load security equipment RJB International. The acquisition of Bijlsma Amsterdam – specialized in niche packaging and lifting equipment, brought significant synergy benefits to the organization . Thanks to that Bijlsma Group can serve its Customers all over the world, with even higher excellence.

After the takeover of Bijlsma Amsterdam in 2018, it was decided to communicate as Bijlsma Group, under which the entities are individually active and serve the customers under one heading.

Mr. Jaap Bijlsma – white jacket – actively involved in the inspection and sales of mooring lines for sea-going vessels in Antwerp, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.
Mr. Frits Bijlsma – supervisory board member Bijlsma Group, Mr. Lech Wałęsa – the first democratically-elected President of Poland from 1990 to 1995 and Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Mr. Roderick Bijlsma – Managing Director Bijlsma Group meeting in Gdansk-Gdynia, Poland.
Mr. Fiifi Baffoe – Managing Director of Bluesea Maritime Agency and distributor for Bijlsma products in Ghana, Mr. Nana Oduro Owusu – former Managing Director Ghanaian Cocoa Marketing Company (COCOBOD) & Director at Cocoa Processing Co. Ltd. and Mr. Roderick Bijlsma – Managing Director Bijlsma Group meeting in Accra, Ghana.