Mission, Vision & Strategy


At Bijlsma Group, everything is about reducing complexity and unburdening our customer. We are here to support our customers in their packaging, transport and logistics challenges and to deliver our products as efficiently as possible with the aim of reducing costs.


The world is changing rapidly, and we try to stay ahead of developments by becoming better, faster, cheaper and more sustainable. We remain future-proof by investing in people, assets and innovation. Safety always comes first at Bijlsma Group. Our robust financial backbone is the foundation for further growth and profitability. We are able to respond quickly in highly competitive and rapidly changing markets. We do this by keeping both feet on the ground and offering optimal service.


Our strategy is based on three pillars: operational excellence, moving with the market and organic growth. Sustainability is the connecting factor.

Operational excellence

We strive for the most effective way to provide our customers with sustainable solutions of the highest quality. We are constantly striving to improve our processes, reduce costs and generate value.

Moving with the market

The world is undergoing rapid change. In order to be able to keep up with change, we have identified digitization, sustainability and optimal purchasing of raw materials as the main drivers behind that transition.

We invest in it to ensure that we exceed our customers’ expectations. We connect intelligent planning with efficient execution. We do all this to ensure that we are becoming faster, better, more efficient and more sustainable.

Organic growth

To remain a leading supplier in selected market segments, we grow our business organically and through acquisitions where possible. We have identified the following growth areas:

  • Focus on the existing market in the Benelux;
  • Doing business locally in the continents where we already have a presence, especially China, South East Asia, South America and Africa, and;
  • New product introductions, both of new products and existing ones.