Subcontractors & Distribution Partners

Working as a subcontractor or distributor for Bijlsma Group products helps you develop your business and creates opportunities of sustainable growth for the both of us. Bijlsma products are sold in every continent, but we are always looking for that one regional partner in the area where there is no representation yet.

Join our team and this is what you get:

  • Over 80 years of packaging and logistics knowledge and experience
  • Certified and recognized high quality products to supply
  • Product and Customer Support

When you become a subcontractor for Bijlsma Group, you will be able to supply certified high-end packaging and logistic materials to your customers. We provide you and each of your customers with efficient service and support that meet their specific requirements. You will become a part of a network that covers the demand your international operating client demands!

Cooperating with Bijlsma Group means a cooperation with one of the most recognized producers of container desiccants that is focused on preventing cargo damages by moisture. And becoming a fixed subcontractor allows you to benefit from discounts and bonuses that give additional advantages to your development. 

Join Bijlsma Group and discover a world of opportunities!

Ready to sign up as a subcontractor or having further questions, please fill in the form on the contact page to contact us. Don’t want to wait? Call our general desk for more information: +31(0)206820391