Sustainable focus

Bijlsma Group has a strong focus on sustainability. This applies to both our day-to-day operations and the products we supply. In our day-to-day operations, we make every effort to burden the environment as little as possible.


Corporate Social Responsibility has our full attention. Three concepts are central to this: People, Planet and Profit.

1. Governance

Good governance is very important to Bijlsma Group. In our view, sustainable entrepreneurship requires good governance that is accountable, in a transparent and verifiable manner. We also ensure that our employees adhere to the rules and guidelines in the field of good governance and decent business. We use specific codes of conduct to clarify which principles we apply and how these should be observed. These rules are laid down in our personnel manual and registered at our chamber of commerce.

2. Human rights

We have developed a clear policy towards our suppliers. An important point here is that a supplier respects human rights and prevents corruption and impact on the environment.

3. Working conditions

We attach great importance to the sustainable development of our employees. Employees must continue to develop through education and training. This is made possible through external and internal training courses that employees are allowed to follow. Employees who want to change positions can also apply for an internal vacancy. The interests of customers, employees and the organization come together in the field of health and safety. We invest in an even safer and more effective health policy.

4. Environment

In this area we make every effort to burden the environment as little as possible. We invest in materials and machines that minimize the impact on the environment. When choosing transporters, we opt for cooperation partners with fleets consisting of, among other things, plug-in hybrid cars and trucks where the battery is charged via the electricity grid, which reduces fuel consumption and reduces CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the warehouse is equipped with automatic energy-efficient lighting and forklifts run on electricity.

5. Doing business fairly

Bijlsma Group has the appearance of a close-knit family business. Respect towards colleagues, suppliers and clients is of paramount importance. Various norms and values ​​and codes of conduct are also important in connection with ethical, social and environmental principles.

6. Consumer interests

We encourage chain responsibility in order to create clarity in the chain. In this way, child labor, biodiversity and corruption, for example, can be traced.

7. Community involvement & development

We strive for a bond with society in which we can actively add value and make not only an economic, but also a social contribution. We would like to emphasize our commitment to society, but also use our resources as effectively as possible. We do this, among other things, by participating in (regional) events and sponsoring charities. For example, to improve the health and / or living conditions of the underprivileged and to slow down public diseases. Our preference is to support something active and to participate in the activity ourselves.

The above standards and values ​​are also included in our general terms and conditions and filed with our chamber of commerce.