About Bijlsma Group

Bijlsma Group is a dynamic and flexible organisation and has been active in the transport and packaging industry for almost 79 years, then started with the trade in ropes and yarns for the maritime industry and sewing thread for packaging purposes

After four generations, Bijlsma supplies an infinite range of high-end and certified products and assists its customers with various different issues to improve processes globally.

Everything to do related with packaging materials and logistic solutions

Bijlsma Groups goal is to share knowledge and supply products to pack, protect and ship goods as safely and efficient as possible in order to save time and costs.

Our strength lies in versatility and professionalism. We provide high-end products anywhere in the world combined with the highest service standards in the field of packaging materials, logistics solutions and cargo security equipment.

A fast and global reach

With our dedicated team of employees based in The Netherlands we coordinate stocks for most of our European based relations.

Our team of specialists with international experience and expertise are coordinating production, transport, warehousing, agencies and distributors all over the world. The development and production of our container desiccants is done in-house by our subsidiary RJB.

Family business

The family business Bijlsma is founded in 1941 by Douwe Bijlsma. In 2018 Roderick Bijlsma took over the company from his father Frits Bijlsma, which is still active within the organization.

Roderick Bijlsma has independently established the company RJB International specialized in moisture protection technology and load security materials over the last decade, taking over the niche packaging specialist Bijlsma has led to significant synergy benefits for the organization and its customers globally.