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We produce container desiccants that provide protection against moisture damages such as mould and mildew, bad or changed taste/smell and bugs during transport in containers of agricutural, food and feed products. In additiation we are specialized in supplying bag closing – and cargo securing materials, for example; sewing thread and bag closing tape/paper to seal food packed in paper of plastic bags. With our dunnage air bags, container seals and lashing materials we provide extra safety during transport and with our webbing slings the load can be quickly and easily moved.

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Our focus is on unburdening the customer, so you can contact us for all your questions! Are you looking for bag closing materials such as hotmelt band, crêpe paper, and sewing yarns or container desiccants, lifting and lashing materials, dunnage bags, container seals to move and protect your products? Would you prefer a product that is completely custom-made? Contact us for the possibilities.

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Are you interested in our products or do you want to know what we can do for you? Please contact our product specialists for more information, or for a free quote. We are happy to provide you with appropriate advice with which we can help you on your way to an improvement!

Container Desiccants

Bijlsma Group designs, manufactures and supplies professional container desiccants to keep your valued products dry and free from moisture damage during a voyage in a sea container.
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Dunnage Air Bags

Bijlsma Group supplies inflatable dunnage bags in all sizes/strenghts made out of woven-PP and Kraft paper to barricade cargo quick and safely.
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Sewing Yarns & Ropes

Bijlsma Group manufactures, trades and supplies mainly twisted industrial ropes and yarns to professional end-users, available in any configuration.
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Paper Products

Bijlsma Group supplies various paper related products to professional end-users in in different configurations for diverse industries.
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Security Seals

Bijlsma Group supplies certified and registered steel, metal and plastic closures in any configuration for protection, control, indentification and tracking purposes.
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Big Bags

Bijlsma Group supplies professional Big Bags (FIBC's) to store and move non-food and food products quick and safely, available in any configuration.
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Container Liners & Bulkheads

Bijlsma Group supplies professional container liners and bulkhead sheets to pack and protect non-food and food products easily and safely, available in any configuration.
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Webbing Slings

Bijlsma Group manufactures and supplies professional webbing slings to lift and move cargo quick and safely. Available in different configurations for every industry.
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Flexibel Plastics

Bijlsma Group supplies mainly flexible plastic products such like pallet covers, foils and sheets to pack non-food and food products quick and safely. Available in different configurations.
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