Webbing slings for the steel industry

Bijlsma Group supplies a wide range of woven slings and load securing materials such as lashing equipment (ratchets).

One of the industries that Bijlsma Group has been supporting with its products for decades is the steel industry. Many different companies with a diversity of specialties use Bijlsma materials, including our high-quality polyester webbing slings.

For years we have been supplying lifting equipement such as webbing slings that are used to lift and move steel products in the broadest sense of the word, steel that is produced globally and transported on trucks or shipped across the world by sea-going vessels.

Bijlsma recently concluded a cooperation agreement with an international steel producer to safely lift and move its goods with woven slings. The agreement includes the supply of material that is used once.

Despite the choice for single-use materials, this creates a reduction in the carbon footprint and high cost savings for the industry.

Bijlsma Group supplies its webbing slings and additive products all over the world, it is our passion to advise you towards an efficient solution. Contact us, we are available every day to answer all your questions.