Agri industry benefits from container drybags

It has been 10 years since Bijlsma Group introduced the calcium chloride based desiccants marked RJB Drybags 1000™ in the cocoa industry, the first tests were carried out together with a consortium of insurers and cargo-marine surveyors under the supervision of the Ghanaian government as the controlling body.

After successful testing, the industry embraced the products and more and more countries and companies have come to understand the usefulness of a good and above all reliable desiccant.

Since the use of the calcium chloride container drybags a huge step forward has been taken in removing moisture from the containers during a sea voyage. The change has meant that less desiccant material can be used with an improved result on the damage that moisture can cause to cocoa, such as mold formation that attracts pests.

The industry has also become wiser over the years and understands that a good result is accompanied by a solid package of measures, including loading the cocoa beans under the correct humidity level and additive packaging materials such as 5-ply corrugated cardboard. But above all, the use of reliable Container Drybags that meet the safety requirements, including containing environmentally friendly and animal-friendly raw materials and not leaking or tearing.

RJB International has since further developed its products and is closely involved with industry stakeholders, from product enhancement such as increasing absorption capacity while maintaining reliability, to product customizations and mandatory certifications such as REACH. Important pillars that benefit you as a customer, think of the cheapest possible purchase price and limiting the damage to your cocoa beans. Which in practice amounts to higher insurance premiums, loss of time and direct costs due to damage.

Today, RJB Drybags™ are supplied globally, both through local distributors and directly to the end-user customers or its local partners in de cocoa industry but also many other agri-products such as rice, grain, coffee and nuts benefit from the moisture absorbers.

Bijlsma Group supplies its container desiccant products all over the world, it is our passion to advise you towards an efficient solution. Contact us, we are available every day to answer all your questions.