Experts on safe shipping of materials in containers

More and more container shipments are taking place every year, as a result of which transport insurers and authorized insurance brokers see a huge increase in claims, the premiums that the insured pay do not cover the cargo, literally and figuratively.

This results in the termination of coverage or the significant increase in premiums. Nowadays you see that intermediaries (authorized representatives) set up smart constructions such as splitting the insurance between several insurers, a small part is responsible for the authorized party.

A smart insurance proxy office tries to work closely with cargo-marine surveyors, which allows the proxy office to direct the assessment of the cargo. Conversely, the same applies, but this can also be abused and examples can be mentioned in practice of rejected cargo by surveyors that were actually in good condition. The rejected cargo is covered by the insurer, but is still sold at virtually damage-free value.

Experts from Bijlsma Group were asked by insurers to take a random look at the different types of cargo and the manner of loading. With the aim of possibly making improvements and avoid costs.

For example the usage of container desiccants in various industries this has resulted in significant improvements, various commodities such as cocoa, coffee and different types of nuts such as cashew, but also various types of food (vegetables, powders), animal feed, wood and steel have been extensively studied by us and improvements have been made.

The improvements result in lower costs for both the insurer and the insured, satisfied customers and time savings by preventing transport damage.

Do you have a question about your branch or products that need to be shipped safely or are you an insurer and is assistance required in a specific branch or with a specific customer? Feel free to contact us, our experts are happy to help you!