Policy Statement

The purpose of Bijlsma Group is:

to ensure the economic progress of the Groups entities.

  • improving market acceptance and brand awareness
  • maintenance of image
  • strengthening of market position

This should lead to Bijlsma Groups entities and brands being the preferred trademark when it comes to:

  • highest quality
  • highest level of service
  • highest customer satisfaction

In the context of quality, Bijlsma Group pays particular attention:

  • meeting the requirements of the customer
  • reduction or prevention of customer complaints
  • in order to ensure customer satisfaction a quick resolution of any complaint
  • reducing the costs incurred as a result of quality deviations

In order to achieve these goals it is necessary to continuously improve the management system.

This can only be achieved if all employees cooperate intensively and are motivated. Bijlsma Group counts on the support and dedication of all employees.

The management of Bijlsma Group welcomes proposals for improvement and will put these proposals into practice if possible.

In addition to the fact that Bijlsma Group applies a management system that complies with the NEN-ISO/IEC 9001:2015 standard. Bijlsma Group naturally complies with all regulations and other standards that are relevant to the sectors in which it operates.

Bijlsma Group constantly monitors the quality performance and will make continuous improvements where possible. The Director/Quality Manager is authorised to take measures in the event of deviations from the established quality standard and to monitor these subsequently.