Apart from our knowledge about the products, we have become experienced with the business processes of our customers during the past decades. This combination leads to synergy benefits that result in improved safety on the working environment, lower costs and a reduction in the carbon footprint by using lighter and often more efficient materials.

Available configurations

  • Liner bags for containers
    • ISO 20/40FT
    • Barless 20/40FT
    • Bulk 20/30/40FT
    • Fluid
    • Open top
    • Cargo protectors
  • Thermal protectors
    • Thermal pallet covers
    • Thermal Cargo blankets
    • Thermal Container Liners
  • Paper sacks
  • Bulk head sheets for containers
  • Steel bars for liner bags and bulk head sheets


  • Food Grade approved raw materials (FDA – EU 10/2011) and certified production process (ISO 22000:2005)
  • Conductive – Antistatic film to prevent the risk of dust explosion
  • Nitrogen Barrier film for moisture sensitive goods
  • Liner Bags for Hard-Flowing materials
  • Dedicated Technical discharge equipment
  • Closed cycle liner for food grade products

Loading system

  • Tilted Container gravimetrically loaded through the filling spout from a silo (Powders and Granules)
  • Loaded through the loading spout above the Bulk Head with a Pneumatic system or a Thrower belt (Powders and Resins)
  • Loaded through the loading spout above the Bulk Head with a Conveyor system (Food and fragile commodities i.e. Malt, Cocoa, Coffee)

In practice

  • Reliable
  • Quality
  • Expertise
  • Worldwide