Available configurations and options

Years of experience in various industries results in a wide range of Security Seals that offer Protection, Control, Indentification and Tracking features. We offer high quality and reliable products fixed or tailor-made such as;

  • Metal Seals
    • Bolt Seals – incl. High Security
    • Cable Seals – incl. High Security
    • Barrier Seals
    • Seals for Pliers
  • Plastic Seals
    • Adjustable with metal closure
    • Completely plastic
    • Fixed length
    • Seals for Drums
    • Seals for Bags
    • Padlock
  • Wire Seals
  • RFID and Electronic Seals


Our Security Seals are manufactured in Europe and used worldwide under internationally recognized guidelines. Our security seals always meet the latest requirements for your industry and come along with;

  • A clear product description meeting the regulations
  • The highest safety and quality assurance
  • A guarantee on the authenticity of numbering and the prevention of duplication
  • Optimal packaging (packed according to your preference) and service

Standards, certifications and regulations

Bijlsma Group security seals are produced and supplied conform the branch standard and/or the international standard associated with the products. 

  • Our container Bolt Seals are compliant with high security international standard ISO 17712:2013 and specifically with the requirement of having the internal metal part exceeding 18 mm
  • Our products are tested by accredited bodies such as Dayton Brown, TUV Rheinland, SGS, Bureau Veritas
  • The products are produced and supplied by DIN-ISO 9001:2015 certified organisations

In practise

  • Reliable
  • Quality
  • Expertise
  • Worldwide