Bijlsma Group is the specialist in supplying packaging products and cargo securing materials to professional distributors and end users. With a versatile range of products and 80 years of knowledge and experience,
we are experts in various segments;

Food, animal feed, agri, steel, shipping, maritime, offshore, containers, warehousing, construction and more.

Our products

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Bag closing products

All premium bag closing materials for the economical and safe closure of industrial bags made of paper, plastic or woven materials suitable for food, feed and non-food products. This includes bag closing filler threads, sewing yarnscrêpe papers, Hotmelt paper and Kraft paper coated with PE.

Cargo securing materials

The essential materials for cost-efficient protection and securing of your valuable cargo shipped in boxes, pallets, trucks, containers and on vessels. Some examples are kraft paper and woven dunnage bags, container seals, lashing materials (band and ratchets) and container desiccants.

Container desiccants

The best performing container desiccants to preventively protect your cargo in boxes, crates and sea-containers against moisture damage caused by temperature differences. Available in all configurations, both in weight and shape with the basic range of products of 100, 1000, 1200, 1400 and 2000 grams.

Webbing slings

Customized lightweight webbing slings and accessories in various compositions for optimal moving of heavy cargoes by road or sea. We supply flat endless slings, round slings, eye-to-eye slings and cloverleaf slings and slingbags.

More products

Bijlsma Group supplies more products with common ground in your industry and even helps sourcing products, existing or new to develop. Examples are tarpaulins, big bags, bulkheads and container liners, plastic and paper products.

About Bijlsma Group

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Service and Quality

Product or branch related data and requirements, on-site assistance, training, packaging or product advice, stock keeping and tailor-made productions.

Global availability

Our home base is The Netherlands, but we have been supplying products all over the world to professional end users and distributors for over 80 years.

People at Bijlsma Group

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