About us

Pack, protect and moving your products?

Bijlsma Group is the specialist in packaging products and cargo protective materials. With a versatile range over more than a hundred products and over 80 years of knowledge and experience, we are experts in various segments; food, animal feed, agri, steel , shipping, maritime/offshore, construction and many more.

We strive for close long-term partnerships with our customers to achieve maximum results. Why you choose Bijlsma Group? Because you get free knowledge from our experts, global availability of certified high-end products, the best 24/7 service, sustainability and full decidation!

Extensive advice from our experts

Our experts are real product specialists. They not only have a lot of knowledge of packaging, but also a lot of experience in the segment in which you are active as well as the region where you are operative. Together with you we work on the best packaging, lifting or cargo protection concepts, from advice to realization. To get the best advice, we ask you and ourselves difficult questions. In this way we make your wishes transparent and we go for the best solution. Is there no standard solution available? Then we will look for a solution. No challenge is too big for us!

Everything in one place; saving costs & time

Order packaging products and cargo protection materials quickly and easily at a central point in the world. From webbing slings to lashing material and container desiccants to all conceivable bag closing solutions, Bijlsma Group has it!

Working with Bijlsma Group has even more advantages for you. Do you have limited space for storage? Or are just-in-time deliveries very important? Then Bijlsma Group is the partner you are looking for. With a large warehouse centrally in The Netherlands near the Amsterdam and Rotterdam harbours and stockholding distributors and agents in every continent we keep stock for many of our customers, thereby ensuring that the packaging or cargo protection materials for your products are always available on demand and/or supplied in time. We work together with reliable logistics partners. This ensures short lines, fast switching and, above all, a fast and on time delivery.

Our strength lies in supplying distributors and the end-users, our products are normally produced on request and delivered in larger volumes (LCL or FCL), on the other hand we are equipped to support the customer with so-called call-off stock and also gladly provide the smaller end-user with our products.

Bijlsma Group on the production side

Not only do we supply packaging and logistics materiales such as cargo protection materials, we also produce them! In our production plant with machinery, we produce high-end container desiccants and custom webbing slings, among other things. Because we produce demand-driven, we can switch quickly and apply competitive prices. In addition, you as a customer also reduce CO2 emissions by not having the products produced without actually being needed.

Production Container Drybags
Bijlsma Group designs and produces high-quality container desiccants with its company RJB International, above you can see one of the bag closing machines that are used for this.