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Can container desiccants solve all moisture problems?

Can I re-cycle my used bags?

Can you customize products specifically for our application?

Do calcium chloride container desiccants have a mandatory quality or safety mark?

Do I need to line my container with “corrugated” Kraft paper?

Does it make a lot of difference that my cocoa beans have a moisture content of 8% instead of 7%?

Each container of my cargo of peanuts/coffee/cocoa contains tons of moisture. What difference does it make that RJB Drybag absorb a few liters during a voyage?

How do container desiccants help to solve moisture problems?

How many container desiccants do I need?

I got some brine on my hands while removing used desiccant bag. Is it dangerous?

I had damage to my cargo even though I used lots of silica gel and/or clay based dessicants and there was no condensation. Would it help to switch to RJB Drybags™?

I have problems with mould growth inside my shrink-wrapped pallets. Will RJB Drybags™ help?

I have shipped the same cargo for years with RJB Drybags without any trouble, but now I have a lot of damage. Have you changed the desiccants?

I load my container under dry conditions, and it is very tightly sealed. How come I still experience moisture problems?

I ship consumer goods in tubes/cans/jars etc. that contain no moisture, yet I still have problems.

My cargo of peanuts had suffered damage in the center even though the outside of the cargo looked fine and there was prolonged no sign of condensation?

My container is absolutely filled with cargo. Will the RJB Drybags™ still work?

My shipments of steel/galvanized components/aluminum/ machinery etc. arrives corroded, stained or miss colored despite heavy packaging. Will container desiccants help?

What is so great about our container desiccants anyway?

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